Clearing The Haze-

                            Episode 17: Why Listening Is More Important

                                               Than The Words We Say! 



In this weeks episode of Clearing The Haze, we’re talking about one of the most important skills when communicating with our clients, and that is the art of listening!

 Ed Mylett has spoken extensively on this subject in a video produced on YouTube and on his Podcast the Ed Mylett Show!

“More important than what you say is your ability to LISTEN! People don’t respond to what you say or do, people respond to how you make then FEEL. And one of the best ways to make someone FEEL CONNECTED with you is to make them feel understood and listened to!”

                                                ~ Ed Mylett~

Tune into this weeks episode to learn about how working on our skills of listening will not only improve every aspect of your business, friendships, and familes lives, but will also help give you the confidence and ability to ensure your meeting the needs of your clients every single day!

Thanks for all you do Ed Mylett! 

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