Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening with Dr. Paul Yates _049

On this week’s episode we talk with Dr. Paul Yates with Intelligent Fingerprinting. Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System checks for potential evidence of recent drug misuse by screening for specific drugs or their metabolites in sweat collected from fingerprints. Dr Yates explains the technology and how it works.

Dr Paul Yates

Sales & Marketing Director

Paul has over 17 years’ experience working within the United Kingdom Criminal Justice System in the area of forensics. He was initially trained and worked as an expert witness for the Metropolitan Police forensic science laboratory in London, and then worked as the Key Customer Account Manager for the UK Government Forensic Science Service laboratory in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Paul’s work at the Forensic Science Service included development of forensic services to tackle major crimes and sexual assault, and was recognised in 2009 through the presentation of The High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire’s Award for Excellence in Forensic Science.


Prior to joining the Metropolitan Police forensic science laboratory, Paul worked as a Research Scientist for the European Space Agency in Noordwijk, Holland. Paul has a BSc Degree in Earth Science and is a PhD in Space Science. He joined Intelligent Fingerprinting in May 2011 and is responsible for overseeing the company’s sales and marketing activities.


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